Worldwide healthcare is shifting quickly, from traditional methods to distance healthcare with the use of new technologies. As a result, our company is focused on managing medical services through technology with a clear mission: facilitate 24/7 access to healthcare from anywhere.

White Label

We have the necessary tools to develop white labels backed by insurance companies worldwide, for a wide array of potential clients. We offer our experience and human talent to help you generate competitive advantages and position your brand to foster customer loyalty.

(Third Party Administrator)

As a Third-Party Administrator we offer full-service contact centers, while focusing on cost containment, repricing and direct negotiations with Providers. We have strategic alliances with the main HMOs, PPOs as well as agreements with Providers worldwide, which translates into preferential prices and overall savings. Through the application of our software, assessment tools, case and risk management teams plus our highly experienced team of doctors, nurses and support staff, we are able to provide end to end case audit and follow-up, thus offering a solution that generates effectiveness, transparency and trust.

Contact Center

Our contact centers provide 24/7 support, delivering efficient, multilingual and personalized assistance. Our inbound calls are handled by a team of highly qualified and trained individuals. In addition, all of our calls are recorded and monitored for quality control purposes.

Cost Containment

Health Access Services is totally committed to cost containment. To achieve this, we are in constant communication with service providers and healthcare professionals to obtain and offer discounts from beginning to end, giving us the advantage needed to stand above the competition.

Issuance System

Our specialized assistance system has been programmed using Open Source web-based technologies. Our software offers an advanced solution that runs over IP in a safe and highly available environment in order to handle any number of operations seamlessly and continuously from anywhere. Our white label partners will have this technology at their disposal thus allowing them to focus on their core business, while HAS will be in charge of the infrastructure requirements and maintenance (such as servers, firewalls, UPS, among others) as well as the software development and maintenance.

Operating system

We have developed our own operating system which supports the delivery of services and related transactions. Our technology allows for the complete integration with our clients, which implies tracking the operation online and in real time. The software also generates reports and indicators related to your business, thus offering total case and risk management transparency.